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Hummingbird House

Hummingbird House is the story of Kate Banner, an American midwife who travels to Central America for a brief visit with her dearest friend. But the visit turns into eight years. When we meet Kate in Nicaragua she unexpectedly loses a patient, a young woman who has given birth the night before in the aftermath of Hurricane Joan. At the woman's death, Kate decides it is time to go home.

Other Heartbreaks

Of Other Heartbreaks, Margot Livesey wrote: " . . . Patricia Henley once again displays her great gifts as a storyteller. She can capture the telling moment in a phrase, conjure a character onto the page with a single piercing sentence. This collection, full of glittering insights and moral complexity, rewards the reader's attention in the best way."  

In the River Sweet

One long, humid summer brings Ruth Anne Bond unexpected communiques, including one she has both dreaded and craved for thirty years. As hidden truths threaten to emerge, for the first time in her marriage she is faced with memories she and her husband never discuss: a year spent in Saigon in 1968 and a past she has yet to acknowledge.